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Welcome to Phr0stByte 3D! This site's aim is to showcase the various 3d model assets of Rick Wohlschlag and BbB and make them available for royalty-free use at a reasonable price. All products for sale here are hosted by Turbosquid - the best place on the web for artists to make some money from their assets and customers to obtain them.

About the artists:

Rick Wohlschlag - Originally from Southern California, Rick lived in Seoul, Korea for a few years, and now resides in Northern Virginia (Washington D.C. Metro area). Rick started his journey into 3d in 2005 with the discovery of open source and free modeling and rendering software, such as Blender and Indigo. Rick now models With Autodesk Maya and renders with mental ray and Octane render.

BbB -BbB is well known on many 3d forums for his great modeling and fantastic Vray renders. BbB was one of the pioneers of the Blender/Vray work-flow and now works with 3ds Max and Vray.


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